McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering at The University of Tulsa

JMA believes that education matters and that we have an obligation to provide the tools by which the dedicated individual can advance themselves and society.  Mr. McDougall credits The University of Tulsa with giving him the foundation on which his business success has been achieved.

This belief has led us to support the McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering at The University of Tulsa with both our time and our donations.

We are proud that the school enjoys an excellent national and international reputation and is at the forefront in providing generations of petroleum engineers to provide the world with continuously improving methods of meeting our energy needs.

Named for Mr. McDougall in 2010 as an acknowledgement of his contributions to the University and the industry, the mission of the McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering is to provide a high-quality educational experience that prepares each graduate for a productive career in the energy industry.


The McDougall Science Wing, Heritage Hall High School

Oklahoma City’s Heritage Hall offers students, pre-school through high school, the chance to excel. It is the school’s mission “to inspire in each child the curiosity to learn, the self-confidence to lead, and the compassion to serve.”

This mission exemplifies why “Leadership Matters”.  It is Heritage Hall’s commitment to excellence that drove JMA to participate in the school’s special campaign to build three new classrooms in the Science Department, enabling them to offer new programs and the equipment needed to augment the curriculum, including Smart Boards for the classrooms. The McDougall Science Wing plays an integral role in the school’s efforts to provide its students with not only extensive knowledge of many disciplines, but also with what the school calls “a readiness to question, evaluate, and reach new understandings.”


Gehlen Catholic School Grant

One of the most significant relationships in Jeff McDougall’s life is the one he shares with his grandmother, Rose Mary Deegan of Le Mars, Iowa. Born in 1917, Mrs. Deegan has spent all of her adult life on a farm near Le Mars.  She is deeply ingrained in the Catholic community there through St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and the local Catholic school.

In thanksgiving for the support and love shown his grandmother and her children by the Gehlen community, in August of 2011, Jeff and his wife, Theresa, gave a $100,000 gift to Gehlen Catholic Schools in Mrs. Deegan’s name. The monies have been used to invest in computers and Smart Boards for the high school and iPods for the elementary school, and one special item: a stained-glass window for the Gehlen Chapel, in memory of Monsignor Behrens.


Crossings Christian School

Promoting schools in our community is important to JMA.

Crossings Christian School is a Christian college preparatory school that provides education for early childhood pre-school age through upper school senior high school ages.  CCS desires to assist families, representing the diversity of the surrounding community, in developing students who reach their God-given potential.  JMA is committed to support the growth of Crossings Christian School and its mission of Christ centered education.