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On Tuesday, September 2, DEPA leaders took advantage of a unique opportunity to sit down with current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City. The roundtable session was extremely productive, and DEPA’s leadership continued the discussion about LNG and crude exports, as well as the importance of industry tax provisions and policy. DEPA made major inroads at the meeting, ensuring that the alliance maintains its value to Congressional leaders, and cementing the friendship between DEPA and Leader McCarthy.

Attending the Roundtable were: DEPA President Mike Mc- Donald; DEPA Executive Director Pete Regan; DEPA Governmental Affairs Chairman Mike Cantrell; Ed Cross, Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association; Brent Cummings; Chuck & Brian Harmon; Jeff & Chad McDougall; John Schmitz; Shelly Shelby; Jerry Simmons, National Royalty Owners Association; Bill Stevens, Texas Alliance of Energy Producers; Darlene Wallace; Andy Wambsganss; and Jeff Wilson.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt also was on hand to present DEPA investors with an update regarding the cur- rent regulatory lawsuit.